Alex Iwobi Net Worth and Biography, Age, Salary, Cars

Alex Iwobi has been one of the brightest Nigerian Football star playing in Europe particularly in the Premier League. We are considering Alex Iwobi Net worth and his biography, current salary, age, cars and other interesting facts about the Nigerian Football star

Alex Iwobi Net worth and Biography 2022: Early Life

Alexander Chuka Iwobi was born on the 3rd of May 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria. His father, Chuba Iwobi was only an Amateur footballer and professionally a Lawyer. Jay- Jay Okocha is an uncle to Alex Chuka Iwobi.

Alex Iwobi moved out from Lagos when he was just 2 years old to Turkey with his parents in search for greener pasture.

Thereafter, they moved to London in United Kingdom to stay with Jay-jay Okocha in Bolton Wanders where he went to school.

Alex Iwobi Football Career History: Alex Iwobi Biography

Alex became a member of Arsenal at the age of eight, when he was still in primary school. During his initial days with the club he had a difficult time juggling with the pressures of his studies and sports. 

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He made his first appearance in a League Cup as a substitute against West Bromwich Albion at the age of 17 and signed a long term contract with the club by the time he was 19 years old.

Iwobi made his debut as a starter in the League Cup for Arsenal in a match against Sheffield Wednesday in the Round of 16 in October 2015. 

This was closely followed by his Premier League debut in a win over Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium. He played his first Champions League match as a substitute against Bayern Munich.

During the 2015 – 2016 FA Cup Iwobi appeared as a regular starter for Arsenal in their wins against Sunderland and Burnley in the third and fourth rounds respectively. 

He appeared as a starter for the club for the first time in a Champions League match against Barcelona. He was also instrumental in the wins of the club against Everton and Watford against whom he scored two goals in the Premier League.

Alex Iwobi Awards and Achievements

He has been able to win the following with his team: 

  • FA Cup in 2016/2017 with Arsenal FA 
  • Community Shield in 2015 and 2017 
  • Victory Shield with Englands Under 16 
  • CAF Youth player of the year in 2016 

Alex Iwobi Net worth

Alex Iwobi Net Worth and Biography 2022

According to Forbes magazine, Alex Iwobi Net worth 2022 is estimated to be around 8.5 Million Dollars making him one of the richest Nigerian Footballers in Europe and highest earners.

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What is Alex Iwobi Salary

Alex Iwobi earns a whooping sum of 2.6 million Pounds annually.

Thus, his Alex iwobi weekly salary is 68,000 pounds weekly.

Alex Iwobi Cars 

He is a car lover, given the number of elegant cars he has been seen driving. He earns enough, so he has extra change to spend on his toys. 

He is so passionate about cars that, at some point, he bought matching vehicles for him and his girlfriend. 

He owns a BMW and a Mercedes Benz convertible. He rarely flaunts his cars on his social media pages. 

Is Alex Iwobi Married?

Currently Alex Iwobi is not yet married. Meanwhile, his relationship status is currently a secret.

Regardless of his move to Everton, Alex Iwobi Net worth in 2022 is in the positive record.

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