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Car Accident Lawyer Chicago 

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We’ve been in business for more than 30 years and our record of customers who received compensation for their cases involving car accidents grows. We have four offices across Missouri and Illinois and Illinois, putting your Chicago car accident in skilled and dependable hands, whether you’re or are from Cook County, DuPage County, Will County, Kane County, Lake County, or any other area in the state of Illinois. If your car accident occurs in Chicagoland you can be sure that we’ll fight hard to advocate for you and win you the most compensation due to the fault of the driver who caused the accident.

Don’t allow an insurance company snoop around your eyes and cut you a an amount that is lower than the amount that is appropriate for your injuries as well as suffering and pain. Let us assist you.

We will evaluate any Chicago auto accident matter for free to you and without obligation on your part. We only take cases that we believe we will be successful in and will take on the costs until we reach a settlement. Call us toll free at (312) 872-3389. we’ll review your case with no commitment to you.

Car Accident Verdict Results

In the event of a crisis when it matters, We’ll always be on hand. We’ve successfully represented dozens of clients within the Illinois area , and we cover the counties that include Cook County, DuPage County, Will County, Kane County as well as Lake County. Our method of representation consists of an organized system of questioning those in charge in the incident, examining the issue by itself, and then practicing with the combination of knowledge and compassion.

We are aware of the steps needed to be successful in a case against negligent parties in court, and we have settlements to demonstrate that.

  1. $4 million A couple was severely injured by the reckless circumstances the taxi driver as well as his vehicle. The driver of the taxi started moving erratically and driving going in the opposite direction, while being distracted by an GPS leading to an accident with a car and was then rear-ended by a vehicle. Both passengers were not wearing secure seatbelts, and both the husband and wife suffered life-changing injuries.
  2. $1 million Settlement to the victim of a vehicle accident that resulted in the company truck. The defendant was not yielding at a stop signal and the crash resulted in the plaintiff being removed from his vehicle. The plaintiff suffered a number of serious injuries that included a fractured neck and back, as well as a broken collarbone shoulder, and a number of broken ribs.
  3. $2 million Verdict arising from a vehicle and truck collision that resulted in accidental death of the driver.

Car Accident Questions and Answers

Why should I choose an attorney for car accidents in Chicago?

A lawyer for car accidents will be able to identify the responsibility of the driver who caused the accident. If you want to present yourself as a lawyer in court, it’s not advised. The Chicago attorney for car accidents at Langdon & Emison already has years of experience and is known for success. They will fight for you to win your case and only be compensated if they achieve.

What do I need to tell the my insurance company following a car crash?

You must provide the details of the insurance policy of the other driver and inform them of any claims you have to submit in order to repair or replace your vehicle. If you are speaking with the adjuster for your insurance it is not advisable to give any kind of declaration to them. Do not discuss your injury or give your medical documents to them. It is best to not be recorded and restrict your conversations with them. In lieu, direct them to contact your auto accident lawyer. Be calm, be still while letting your attorney be sure that you get fair compensation.

What should I say to the police at the scene of a car crash?

Simply explain what happened to the officer at the scene. Give any information the officer asks for however, make sure you’re careful with your words. Be aware that what you speak about could end up in the police report, therefore, do not acknowledge fault or admit guilt. Police officers are there in order to gather an accurate image of what transpired, and this could either assist or derail your case if you do something wrong.

I’m not hurt. Do I need to seek medical treatment?

The adrenaline of an accident could create a false impression that you’re fine It is always recommended to consult a physician following an accident. It is possible that injuries will be evident only several hours after the accident, or it can take a day or two before you notice. A visit to the medical professional within the initial 12 hours can ensure that your injuries are related to the accident that caused them and not another incident that could have happened during the time. Do not provide the insurance adjuster with any reason to decrease your claim by waiting too long before seeing a doctor.

What time do I have to submit an insurance claim?

The period of limitation for automobile accidents lasts for two years after the collision. This doesn’t mean that you have to simply wait for two years to bring an action. Insurance companies can sometimes carry up the claim process with hope that you will not be able to obtain legal representation. This is why getting a lawyer for car accidents promptly to ensure that you’re covered right from the beginning. Don’t let your injuries become worse, contact us right now.

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