Cleveland County NC Early Childhood Education

Cleveland County NC Early Childhood Education – Cleveland County Partnership for Children

Cleveland County NC Early Childhood Education

The NC Pre-K Program , formerly called More at Four, is the state-funded initiative in North Carolina providing program eligible four-year old’s. Its goal is to provide children who are eligible with top-quality, classroom-based learning experiences throughout the year leading up to kindergarten entry, to ensure that they start school prepared and prepared for success in school at an equal footing with the rest of their peers. The NC Pre-K program serves children who turn four years old on August 31st of each year and have other criteria for eligibility like: low or moderate income or military service of a parent and developmental delays, or chronic health issues.

The NC Division of Child Development and Early Education

The statewide program is managed by the State Department oversees the statewide program, and it is the Cleveland County Partnership for Children is the local manager of this program. NC pre-kindergarten program. The classrooms are spread all over Cleveland County in the public school system as well as private child care facilities.

Cleveland County NC Early Childhood Education – Cleveland County Partnership for Children

When we construct a home and we are aware that it is crucial to build a solid and solid foundation. In the case of fat the foundation is the key to everything else that follows. Similar to houses, the foundations which are constructed in the brains of children determine the growth that comes after. If we invest wisely in programs such as NC Pre-K which make sure that every child has the secure environment, stable and nurturing they require to flourish The return on our investment will never stop because the children will return the investment through the years of their productive lives and responsible civic responsibility.

For more information on this valuable program, please contact Sammi Wortman, NC Pre-K Program Manager, at 704.734.2057. You may also contact Sammi by e-mail at [email protected].

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