How Long Do Idiots Live Meme, Types Of Idiots

How Long Do Idiots Live Meme, Types Of Idiots

TikTok has seen a new trend recently, and not just in TikTok but across the internet. You’re correct.

We have all the information you need about the How long do idiots live phrase on TikTok.

The TikTok meme went viral first in 2021. However, it resurfaced in February 2022 “with a new style”, yep, with a new fashion! It will be revealed later.

The question is: What exactly is this trend? It’s obvious from its name that it will show an idiot’s life expectancy.

There are many more interesting aspects to this trend than you may be aware. Keep your ears and eyes open.

‘How Long Do Idiots Live?’

This is a trend that involves asking ridiculous questions on Google and getting an equally bizarre response.

The absurd question is “How Long Do Idiots Last?”

This is the whole point of the meme. You can just Google the phrase. It’s not a new age, it’s nothing.

Google says the answer is 12-15 year. This means that all idiots will be gone by the time they are teenagers. All adults are normal, non-idiotic, wonderful people. Although it may seem strange, that is what a meme actually is.

How Long Do Idiots Live
How Long Do Idiots Live
How Long Do Idiots Live Meme
How Long Do Idiots Live Meme

A New Trend has Taken Control of

Did you notice how we introduced a new trend called How Long Do Idiots live? This is the one we were referring to.

With How Long Do Idiots lives, the new trend is the’I won’t forget you’.

It involves sending the message ” I’ll Never Forget You” to someone between 12 and 15 years old.

Google says that fools can survive for only 12-15 years. Therefore, the trend implies that they will die.

Don’t believe in trends like these

You’re smart enough not to get mad, as we all know. Some sensitive people won’t. They may be sensitive to certain content, and we don’t want anyone to suffer from a childish meme.

We just wanted to say that we don’t take this seriously and that you’re not stupid. It’s just another meme. You have a beautiful, long life ahead of you. You’re the best.

We will keep you informed about new trends. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this trend in our comments section. Was someone trying to troll?

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