How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

The industry of consumer non-durables is growing rapidly , with 10’s of thousands of jobs being created almost every day. This guide gives a brief overview of the non-durables consumer industry and outlines the current employment figures within the sector. The guide suggests that there are numerous jobs to be found in this sector and that the growth is expected to continue over the next few years.

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What Is the Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

The industry of consumer durables is broad term that usually is used to describe the production and sale of goods that are then removed from the market quickly. This can include clothes, food, cosmetics and various other household items.

The industry is considered to be one of the largest in the world economy, since it contributes to a substantial portion of spending overall and employs a large amount of people. Yet it’s been faced with problems in recent years because of changing preferences for consumers and the increasing competition from foreign manufacturing.

Consumer Non-Durable Industry in the U.S

The industry of consumer durables is among the largest and has with the highest number of employment opportunities across the United States. The sector has been growing in the past several years and is predicted to increase in the coming years. There are many companies operating in this sector and is extremely competitive. Non-durable consumer products can be further divided into two major categories.

The non-durable consumer goods sector employs over 5.6 million people in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This includes manufacturing retail trade, construction as well as other service-oriented industries. About 10 percent from these positions are manufacturing of durable goods, however the majority (80 percent) are in service. Along with employment opportunities, this industry can provide a steady income and retirement security.

Difference Between Durable Vs Non-Durable Goods

In the case of goods there are two broad types: non-durable and durable. What is the distinction? Durable products are those which are designed to last for a long period of time. Think of washing machines, cars as well as laptops. Non-durable items are, however are consumable and intended to be consumed quickly. Think of milk, chocolate coca-cola, ice-cream, and chocolate.

The main difference between the two kinds of products is how their taxation is arranged. These types of goods are typically subject to higher tax on sales because they are considered to be more important. Non-durable products, however typically come with a lower tax due to them not being regarded as important.

What Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

The jobs in this field are a variety of jobs. The most popular jobs are in manufacturing and production However, many jobs are also in sales and marketing. Opportunities in this field could be an excellent opportunity to get into businesses. Some of the highest-paying careers in the non-durable consumer sector are listed below.


In the past, employment in the consumer non-durable sector was dominated by retailers. However, in recent times there is a shift to manufacturers playing a greater role in this sector. This is because manufacturers can provide an array of goods and services, along with higher prices and more the ability to customize.

Furthermore, they are also able to offer superior customer service as well as faster delivery times. This is why consumers are more often turning to manufacturers for their non-durable requirements.

Human Resource Manager

Human resources managers are an occupation in the non-durable consumer industry. It supervises the interviewing, recruitment and the selection of employees. They also collaborate with existing employees to ensure they comply with the company’s standards and are educated. Furthermore, a human resources manager in this area could be in charge of establishing and managing the employee benefit programs.

Marketing Manager

There isn’t any specific job description for marketing managers in the industry of consumer goods that are not durable. They may however be tasked with a variety of general duties such as preparing marketing strategies and plans in charge of directing promotional and marketing initiatives as well as overseeing market research and keeping track of the market. Marketing managers are often working together with sales personnel to guarantee that their products are launched successfully and that they are supported on the ground.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are responsible for the development and implementation of guidelines and policies to safeguard computers and systems. They are employed in a variety of sectors that include the consumer non-durable sector. In this sector they could be accountable for the security of computers which process credit card data or store customer information. They might also be responsible for protecting the website of the company from hackers and other online attacks.

Industrial Product Manager

Industrial product managers work in a position that are closely tied to the consumer-based non-durable sector. They create and manage products for companies that manufacture items like paper towels shampoo, and diapers. Their objective is to design successful products that satisfy the demands of customers. Industrial production managers typically hold an undergraduate degree in engineering or business and must possess excellent management and marketing capabilities. They typically work for at long hours and their work is stressful. But, it can be very satisfying to build an excellent product.

Web Developer

Web developers are highly sought after in the consumer durable industry. They collaborate with companies to create and design websites that can bring in customers and market their goods. Web developers should have a solid understanding of both the design and the code, as well as how to optimize websites to be search engine friendly. They might also be responsible for the maintenance and update of existing websites.

How To Join The Consumer Non-Durable Industry?

Incorporating a non-durable consumer industry is a fantastic option to begin your journey into your journey into the world of business. These industries focus on the production and sale of items that consumers use everyday. There are numerous kinds of businesses in this area It’s crucial to conduct your own research to determine which one is right for your needs.

When you are considering joining a consumer non-durable business There are a few points to remember:

  1. You must be aware of the services and products the company provides.
  2. Study the competition and ensure you’ve got a strategy to set your business apart from other businesses.
  3. Prepare yourself for work that is hard and long hours. sectors can be extremely competitive.

The Outlook for Consumer Non-Durable Industry in the U.S.

The non-durable consumer market has been growing throughout the United States for many years. The industry is made up of companies that manufacture products that are utilized by customers and don’t have a long life span. The products that fall under this category be anything from food and drinks to cosmetics and clothing.

A variety of elements have contributed to the expansion of the non-durable consumer business in United States. One of the main factors is the growing disposable income of consumers. There has also been a tendency to increase consumption of convenience goods which has boosted sales for businesses in this industry. The future of the consumer durable sector is optimistic with a steady growth forecast in the near future.

What Should I Know Before Choosing Consumer Non-Durable Industry as a Career?

The non-durable and consumer sector is a fantastic sector to work in if you’re looking for a job that has opportunities for growth. There are numerous jobs available in this field which means there’s something for all. Here are six reasons you should look into an opportunity in the field of consumer non-durables:

1. There is an increasing need for sustainable products.

2. The market is booming thanks to the latest technological advances.

3. Consumer non-durables provide a myriad of opportunities for creativity as well as ingenuity.

4 . There is a need for people to think of innovative and new ideas.

5. The business is growing in job and sales opportunities.

6. The wages of employees are quite high because of the increasing consumer demand.

Future of Consumer Non-Durable Industry

The non-durable consumer market has experienced a variety of transformations in the last few years, and is likely to continue to undergo changes in the coming years. Technology advancements have enabled the creation of new products and improved productivity, while globalization has opened new markets for businesses.

In the same way the recession has caused people to be conscious of their spending and to demand better quality items. All of these will likely impact the sector in the coming months to come. But, the non-durable consumer sector is likely to expand.

Available Jobs & Salary of a Consumer Non-Durable Industry

The consumer non-durable sector is an important and significant component in the economic system. As of April 20, 2022 there were greater than 5.9M positions in the non-durable consumer sector. This industry includes a broad variety of sub-sectors that include beverages production, food production textiles, tobacco products, footwear, and apparel.

The salary in this field varies according to the specific sector. However, many jobs in the consumer non-durable sector have good salaries and benefits.

The average salary for a consumer non-durable worker in the industry can range from $60,000 to $100,000. It is contingent on the worker’s knowledge and experience. Additionally, the specific sub-sector they are working in.

Training and Education Needed for Consumer Non-Durable Industry

Consumers in the non-durable sector require a variety of education and training. A majority of workers join the industry with an education degree from high school or equivalent. However, some job positions might require more specialized education. For example, employees who handle packaging machines or package products may need to pass an accredited program.

Alongside formal training, many employers provide in-person training to aid workers in developing new skills and gain knowledge. The workers in the consumer non-durable sector are accountable for the production of and delivering a variety of goods to customers.


There are more openings in non-durable consumer goods as than there ever was. With the rising use of sustainable and reusable materials, the jobs in this field are expanding quickly. It is therefore a good opportunity to get jobs in this sector. There are numerous opportunities available to those who are looking for jobs in consumer durables.

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