How To Hide A Razor Blade Under Your Tongue

How To Hide A Razor Blade Under Your Tongue

How Do You Hide A Razor Blade In Your Mouth?


  • I’ve seen it on screen but that’s all. It’s not something you can do in real life. It’s not practical and a lot too risky. The tongue and mouth are extremely vascular. There are numerous nerves there which you would not want cut A cut with a razor could cause some serious harm quite quickly.

    If you were forced to make it happen, I’d recommend you start to wrap the item in a small amount of leather to make an enveloping that isn’t easily cut.

    I’m interested in it to save someone’s life, however?

    How Do You Hide A Razor Blade In Your Mouth?

  • Tupac Razor Blade In Mouth
  • Who is still using razor blades? This is the way to do it:

    1)Turn the blade so that it’s flat , and is facing bladesides back and forward. Make sure that the sides that are not razor are facing the sides.

    2)When you place it in your mouth, be sure to hold the sides that are not razors between your teeth with a firm grip to ensure that the sharp razor edges face back and forward.

    3)Keep your tongue under the razor, and firmly underneath it, so that it isn’t touching your razor (as to avoid causing puncture).

    4)Keep your teeth tightly clenched on the razor’s non-sharp sides to prevent it from moving around.

    In other cases, it may be better to keep your blade inside a sock, pocket or even inside your hair, if your hair is long.
    Be very careful! A small Stanley knife blade is likely to fit in the mouth. This would, of course, be extremely dangerous, however I think it is possible… perhaps placed between the teeth?

  • It’s a trick of the eye. A complete illusion, there’s never a knife in the mouth! It’s dangerous and there are plenty of opportunities for injury (of the serious kind) to happen. Don’t trust everything you hear or read. The life you’ll save by not taking action could be yours.
  • Oh bumm, very cautiously was my response. Only knew how to conceal them under my bra , or underneath my finger nail at the time when women were not searched when going into clubs in ……….. in regards to
  • well its really easy go check it out i posted a video on my myspace it is by no means impossible

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  • I don’t know how to accomplish this, but would you be able to modify your question and describe how you saved someone’s life. I would like to hear about your experience.
  • Wrap the razor blade in a soft cloth and place it in your mouth. (so it’s not too sharp). LOL
  • Similar to how porcupines love each other very carefully

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