How To View Blurred Text On Websites 2022

How To View Blurred Text On Websites 2022 ?

If you’re also confronted with the problem that you have blurred texts on site or the best way to remove blurred text on an individual website , then you have come to the right place using a few easy methods, you can be able to eliminate this problem for good. So, let us dive in! How To View Blurred Text On Websites.

The most obvious and valid inquiry that could pop into your head is: Why do websites do this? There are some sites that deal with academics or perhaps belong to various other genres and deliberately choose to do this so that it is only visible when you purchase the specific subscriptions or just to conceal your exclusive content.

How To View Blurred Text On Websites ?

The most effective and popular method of tackling this problem is

  1. Right-click and tick the text that is blurred. Repeat this in the event that you want to erase the blurred text, right-click on it.
  2. Within the menu dropdown you’ll see”inspect” as an option “inspect” option.
  3. The inspect feature allows you to see the code that is in text, document, page, or paragraph and more. It is possible to alter it either removing or altering the code that is the reason documents are locked and much more when you are proficient in programming.

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How do I Use the Inspect Tool to Remove Blurred the Text on Websites?

To open the option to inspect to access the inspect feature, right-clickand select checkon the page that you want to unblur. It is necessary to open the file or the text you wish to erase prior to that, as we explained in the previous paragraph. Move the mouse , then right-click on the document that is blurred, to open the option to inspect.

  1. The source code for that hidden page can be found on the right-hand side. Look for p>…/p> and repeat this line two to three times. How To View Blurred Text On Websites
  2. Just below this option, you’ll find script starting code beginning with div class=”sample-preview-blur”>. You now have the code, which is the critical cause of your text being blurred and invisible to you.
  3. You must replace this code or script by inserting ‘none’ in place of sample preview blur, such as div class= “none”> and then pressing enter to remove the blurred portion of the file or text.

This is How To View Blurred Text On Websites

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