Hushpuppi Net Worth And Biography

Hushpuppi Net Worth: Ray Hushpuppi is estimated to have $35.5 million. He is a big Nigerian boy and a popular social media influencer. He’s also known as “Aja Puppi,” a.k.a Aja 4, is a Nigerian from Dubai. The big boy whose fortune was questioned. Huspuppi was most well-known for his lavish lifestyle, sharing photos and videos from his extravagant travels all over the world.

He is a fan of Gucci, D&G, and various designer clothes. Additionally, he has confronted celebrities from all walks of life and has been accused of wearing fake clothing. He has influenced thousands of African youngsters who have seen and desire to emulate his lifestyle. However, his sources of income were not until recently, when he was detained in Dubai to be accused of cybercrime.


Hushpuppi Biography

Born Raymond Igbalode and affectionately known as Hushpuppi (or Aja Puppi, and Aja 4. Hushpuppi was born on June 14, 1973, and is Nigerian by birth. However, his wealth and success increased when he moved to Malaysia.

Hushpuppi earned the status to be a Nigerian dark horse. No one is sure about the way he earned his fortune. The only thing that everyone knows is that a new chapter in his life began when he decided to move to Malaysia. Today, he was among the most admired Nigerians in the diaspora before his arrest for fraud.


Hushpuppi is controversial enough that he’s had to contend with many Nigerian big artists like Phono, Davido Ice prince Kcee and many more.


Through the many years, Ray Hushpuppi has never spoken about his business or the source of his wealth. Only he can tell how he made the transition from rags to wealth. Many people have Unproven theories about his wealth and sudden success. Still, nobody is aware of how he got his wealth. He was unaware of it until recently when he was taken into custody in Dubai by Interpol for Allege cybercrime.

There are reports that he has influential acquaintances or patrons. In contrast, others believe that he put his money into a lucrative business such as bitcoin, which is now flourishing. Many think he’s a spiritualist or a web-based fraudster. Still, none has been able to support his claims of him using credible evidence until the last time.

Hushpuppi Cars

As any celebrity will do, Hushpuppi has a collection of luxury cars and an aircraft in his control. The most famous of which is

Hushpuppi Exotic Car Collection

2020 Rolls Royce Cullinan worth more than N100 million

Ferrari 458 Italia Worth over N110 million

Bentley Bentayga Auto valued at over N80 million

Rolls-Royce Wraith

Just purchased a Bugatti

Hushpuppi Allure Private Jet

Hushpuppi net worth 2021

Hushpuppi’s Net worth isn’t simple to calculate. However, his name is among the most wealthy Nigerians. Ray Hushpuppi is ahead of many Nigerian musicians, celebrities, and actors, as well as some of the top Nigerian politicians as of this article. According to the value of private jets, vehicles, and real estate in his control, Hushpuppi’s Net worth is estimated at 35.5million dollars.

Hushpuppi Net Worth And Biography


Hushpuppi Net Worth.

Hushpuppi is currently among the most powerful and richest socialites in Nigeria, with an estimated worth of 35.5 million dollars.


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