Papa Roach – Ego Trip

Papa Roach – Ego Trip

Papa Roach has released 11 albums. They are not slowing down. Papa Roach isn’t clinging too tightly to the past. ‘Ego Trip’ takes you on a guided tour through rock’s ever-changing landscape. Papa Roach adapts their rap-metal charm from rapcore to pop-rock to give it a modern twist. This album is full of life and eager to try new sounds. It’s unpredictable and exciting. This is a sign Papa Roach has not lost their spark.

It is evident how inspired ‘Ego Trip is. While 2019’s?Who Do You Trust? was a bit cautious, ‘Ego Trip?’ is always pushing its boundaries. Papa Roach has a long history of mixing textures, and this release is no exception. FEVER 333/Sueco’s feature ‘Swerve” is a clear example. The track starts with a heavy dose of rap and then blends in the dark, soulful vocals of TikTok trap-medalist Sueco. All the while adding a fun, upbeat bit of brass, trumpets, and a lot of brass to the track’s foundation.

Papa Roach’s embrace of modernity does not mean they have lost their old sound. Some tracks have a strong nostalgic feel. ‘Always Wandering” is a blast of pop-punk goodness. ‘Cut The Line’s calls of “C–C–C–CUT THE LINE” feels straight out of the 2000s. “No Apologies” is a standout nostalgic tune. It’s an emo-tinged, emo-tinged song that everyone would have cried back in their bedrooms.

It can be beautiful, but it can also be frustrating. It is easy to wonder what the tracks would have been like without the constant gear shifts. Tracks such as “Stand Up” go from pulsing, prowling verses to brighter, more uplifting choruses. It’s hard not to wonder what the song would sound like without the chorus and night verse pairing.

It is evident that ‘Ego Trip” “s playful bounce between different genres makes it exciting. You’ll be singing along to the title track, which features a catchy Offsprings-y guitar riff, and then you’ll move into the soft, melodic alt-metal song ‘Unglued.’ Then, you’ll find yourself in the stripped-down, acoustic version of ‘Leave A light On.’ It’s impossible to predict what lies ahead – and regardless of the sound, there is always an intangible, barely contained energy beneath the surface.

Papa Roach’s ‘Ego Trip” is a great example of how they still keep their fingers on the beat of heavy music. They have pushed the boundaries in the past and are determined to continue being bold. This album is proof that the band’s passion remains as strong after all these years.

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